Federation of European Biochemical Societies Postdoc Fellowships 2022

Return-To-Europe Federation of European Biochemical Societies Fellowships are given to distinguished scientists who have completed post-doctoral studies outside of Europe and desire to return to Europe for a post-doctoral position in order to pursue a career in independent research.

There are two types of fellowships:

Long-Term Fellowships from the FEBS are given to support long-term trips for scientific cooperation or advanced training. These fellowships are initially awarded for one year and may be renewed for up to three years.

Short-Term Fellowships from the FEBS are granted for scientific cooperation, advanced training, or the use of methodologies not accessible at the candidates’ current workplace.

FEBS Long-Term Fellowships

Applicants should have a Ph.D. and have no more than three years of post-doctoral experience.

These fellowships are for a two-year period.

1. Applicants must have earned their Ph.D. in Europe and spent no more than four years in a post-doctoral job outside of Europe.

2. They should generally be scientists with a total post-doctoral experience of no more than six years.

3. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year, but must be received by the FEBS Fellowships Committee Chairperson at least two months prior to the desired start date.

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FEBS Short-Term Fellowships

1. Fellowships are granted for periods of no longer than two or, in exceptional cases, three months.

2. Applicants must hold a Ph.D. or have authored at least one paper in an international scientific journal as the main author. Scientists with no more than six years of post-doctoral experience are usually the best candidates.

Dates to remember: Return-To-Europe Currently, fellowships are only given out once a year. Applications must be submitted using the online application system by October 1st of the preceding year (See the link below)