Fully-funded Undergraduate and Postgraduate Turkish Scholarships for International Students


Turkish Scholarships offers a variety of programs for students at all levels of education, as well as tailored and partnered programs for specific target groups. Programs range from full-time degrees to short-term specialized programs, as well as tailored and partnered programs for specific target groups.

Turkey’s government welcomes students from all over the world to apply for their scholarship programs. These programs assist deserving candidates in honing their inner talents and skills. Allow them to learn about new cultures and cultures by allowing them to explore them.

So, start gathering your necessary documents and other materials and apply for the scholarship online before it’s too late. The deadline for applying for a Turkish scholarship is February 24, 2022. The application start date for Turkish scholarships is January 10, 2022.

This Turkish scholarship program allows overseas students to complete their bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degree programs free of cost.

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Scholarship coverage

Scholarship programs in Turkey play a critical role in providing free education to deserving students. They also provide numerous advantages throughout their educational journey. The following are a few of them:

Charge-free accommodation:

If you’ve been accepted into the scholarship program, you can relax about the rest of your expenses. The scholarship policy will cover the majority of the necessities. For example, the awarded students are provided with free housing in university dorms until they complete their degrees.

Monthly Stipend:

The monthly stipend for BS students is ($103) or 700 TL per month. It costs 950 TL ($140) for postgraduate students and 1400 TL ($206) for Ph.D. students.

Health and Travel expenses:

Tukey’s government is responsible for all expenses related to travel and medical care. They give you two plane tickets, one for arrival and one for departure. Similarly, a candidate’s medical expenses will be covered by public health insurance.

Tuition fees-free education:

These scholarships are entirely free of cost.

Free Turkish language training:

Students who do not speak Turkish will receive a year of free language instruction in the Turkish language. If you fail the first sufficiency test, you’ll have to retake the exams after three months of training.

Application Process for the Turkish Scholarships

The official website has information on how to apply online. To avoid making any mistakes, make sure to read all of the instructions carefully. The deadline, however, is February 24, 2021. To create a complete profile, candidates must first create a free account on the Turkish Scholarship application portal, fill in their biodata, and attach the documents listed below.

Following that, candidates must select a Turkish Scholarship offering type from the portal and then submit an application for that type.

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